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I make all sorts of dolls, getting inspiration from many different sources. I also do portrait dolls for people of themselves or their children. This, in my opinion is the most difficult aspect of sculpting dolls, yet it is very rewarding.

My studio consists of a 14'X 28' room that is FULL of every supply you can imagine. We built this addition in 1997 after having almost every room in our small house taken over with dolls and doll supplies. I now have rows and rows of shelves filled with everything needed to make dolls and snowmen and anything else I may decide to do.

Props and supplies are constantly searched out and purchased. I also find items in nature and stockpile those. I am a person who likes to have everything I might need around me and in sight when I am decorating my dolls. I take great care and time in choosing just the right item for a doll or snowman or whatever I'm working on.

I love my work and many nights am in my studio working at one or two a.m. and must make myself quit and call it a day. I find it very relaxing and rewarding. I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my work. If you have special requests for a doll, or a portrait doll of your children or someone you know, please contact me for information and price.

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